Auto Injury Chiropractor fargo nd

If you’re looking for an auto injury chiropractor, give Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky’s office a call. His office is unlike any other auto injury chiropractor or medical doctor office in the Fargo area.

Like other doctors, he’s been thoroughly trained and is well-educated about the body, and has been working successfully with patients suffering from an auto injury

After an auto injury, all good doctors will:

  • Take a thorough history of what exactly happened during the accident
  • Perform a complete examination to determine what could be causing your pain and discomfort
  • Use imaging techniques to identify what’s wrong
  • Perform orthopedic tests that pinpoint a problem
  • Create a pain relief protocol that will stimulate your body’s healing

But unlike other doctors, Dr. Pozarnsky doesn’t stop there. He believes you can have SUPERHUMAN Recovery. He calls himself a Superhuman Coach, and as he’s treating you, he can’t help but give you extra tips to get your Superhuman Recovery.

What that means is that your protocol for healing from this auto injury chiropractor can actually include healing injuries received prior to your car accident.

Let’s face it; before the auto injury when you weren’t looking for a chiropractor, you were probably walking around with body aches and pains. Some people have more than their fair share of them. Some of these body aches and pains may have been aggravated by the car accident and others are not.

Yet other doctors might not ever address those other body aches and pains. They’ll focus only on what happened at the auto accident. Does that mean you’ll only heal part of your body? You bet, and the problem is that you’re not made up of parts. You’re a whole person.

Your injury could have been the best thing that happened to you if you get Superhuman Recovery from this auto injury chiropractor.  Call our Fargo office today and find out what it could be like to get this level of treatment and what it means to your future.