Chronic Pain and Auto Injury

Chronic Pain Treatment in West Fargo, ND

Many of our West Fargo, ND patients have questions about why they're in so much pain after a car crash. Sometimes, the crash didn't even do much damage to the car...but they're still in a lot of pain. 

If you're suffering from chronic pain caused by a car crash, you're not alone. We see a lot of patients in our West Fargo, ND office who come to us after suffering for years after a crash.

Chronic pain after a collision is pretty simple: the delicate ligaments and nerves in your neck and back are easily injured in even minor collisions. If these injuries aren't treated promptly (by actually solving the root problem), the damaged tissues develop scar tissue and lose mobility, resulting in loss of function and pain.

Balance Chiropractic and the rest of the staff here are trained to diagnose and treat auto injuries to help restore your normal spinal function and get you out of pain.

Don't wait until chronic symptoms develop to get care. We're here in West Fargo to help you stay healthy and pain free. Give our office a call today at (701) 893-7878 to make an appointment. You can also click here to learn more about the benefits of chiropractic care.