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Head Restraint Position During Normal Driving

This study1 documented the head restraint position of 1,915 vehicles at an intersection. Researchers found that only 10% of the occupants had the head restraint in the proper position to avoid hyperextension. Only 1/4 of the adjustable head restraints were in the "up" position.

The authors estimate that if all of the adjustable head restraints had been in the up position, it would result in a 28% reduction of whiplash injury risk.

This study confirms what others have found, including a report released by the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety2 that found that less than 10% of 1995 vehicles had good or acceptable head restraint design. (For more information, see our new book, The Guide to Low Velocity Whiplash Biomechanics.)

  1. Viano DC, Gargan MF. Headrest position during normal driving: implication to neck injury risk in rear crashes. Accident Analysis and Prevention 1996;28(6):665-674.
  2. Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Status Report, Special Issue: Whiplash Injuries. September 16, 1995.
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