Whiplash Injuries in Children fargo nd

Whiplash Auto Injuries in Children in Fargo, NDFamily vacations sure are fun, but with drivers on the road under the influence of drugs or alcohol, some families find themselves unexpectedly in a car accident with auto injuries. What should you be concerned about during this type of situation?

Your chiropractor, Dr. Pozarnsky, wants to inform you of some things before you take your next family vacations. These are things to have in the back of your mind, just in case you or others you meet need them later.

Here’s a list of four things to consider:

  1. Even though your children were wearing a seatbelt, they may still have auto injuries sustained from the accident. Check them. Are they breathing normally? Bleeding? Do they have any pain right now? Mentally note all this for every child so you can relay it to the ER.
  2. Whiplash can happen to children just as whiplash can happen to adults. The symptoms are  neck pain, back pain, jaw pain, stiffness, headache, vertigo, dizziness, numbness,and weakness.
  3. Whiplash auto injuries are graded according to signs and symptoms. If there are no signs of injuries, it doesn’t mean that there is no whiplash. Symptoms may show up later. If the child has no complaints, it means the whiplash is a Grade 0.

Here are the other grade levels for whiplash:

  • Grade 1: Neck hurts but there’s no physical sign of any injury
  • Grade 2: Neck hurts and there may be muscle stiffness, problems turning the neck
  • Grade 3: Add neurological signs such as vision changes and slurred speech to the picture.
  • Grade 4: Add a fracture or dislocation of the cervical vertebrae. For this level, your child may appear to be paralyzed and be in a serious condition.

Auto injuries can be serious. Don’t automatically discount the idea that your children may have auto injuries because you weren’t traveling that fast or because the damage to the car was not bad at all. Auto injuries such as whiplash depend on a lot of factors including position of the head at the point of impact, force transmitted to the spine, previous injuries to an area, and whether or not there was a headrest properly positioned.

Dr. Pozarnsky can treat patients from the age of three months old to the age 99 years. He has vast experience in helping patients both young and old recover from auto injuries in Fargo, ND. Don't let you or your child suffer needlessly --- contact Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky West Fargo Chiropractor today!