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Manual Therapy vs Ultrasound What's the difference!

Hello all,

At Dr. Schulte office he did a lot of Ultrasound Therapy. Why don't I ?

Ultrasound is an older technique that has become outdates studies have shown that Manual Therapy i.e. muscle work, massage, muscle release thereapy, and dry needling.

I use the above therapies in place of ultrasound because studies have shown ultrasound to be ineffective compared to manual therapy. My hypothesis is people enjoy ultrasound because of the warmth it provides. Here's a clinical study for your reading pleausure the shows Ultrasound is ineffective when compared to manual therapies. 

Both ultrasound and manual therapies are common conservative treatments for back pain, and researchers sought to compare the efficacy of the treatments in 455 patients with back pain.

The researchers discovered that ultrasound therapy was ineffective; patients receiving ultrasound therapy failed to have significant improvements compared to placebo treatments.

Manual therapy on the other hand, did provide patients with substantial improvements in pain.

Nearly two-thirds of patients had at least a 30% reduction in pain, and half of patients had at least a 50% reduction in pain.

Manual therapy patients reported the greatest satisfaction with their treatment, and were less likely to depend on pain medications than the ultrasound and sham groups. Their decreased dependency on drugs was encouraging to researchers who suggested that manual therapies could help patients avoid potentially-addictive drugs.

The study adds to the existing research on the efficacy of chiropractic manual therapies for lower back pain. One recent study suggests that chiropractic adjustments are the best conservative treatment for back pain.