Why Inversion Tables Are Amazing For Your Lower Back

Lower back pain can be debilitating! Take your back pain recovery plan one step further with Inversion Tables.

Lower back pain is one of the most common health issues worldwide. It affects your personal, family and professional life. Using an inversion table will take your back health to the next level and you can do it right at home for a minimal investment. 

What is an Inversion Table?

As the name suggests, an inversion table inverts your body. It hangs you by the legs, feet or ankles. The inversion causes spinal decompression and relieves back pain as gravity stretches and decompresses the vertebrae in your back.

Inversion table lets you adjust from being in an upright position to horizontal and upside down. You experience a gentle spinal traction without stressing on knees and ankles. In fact, if you have knee or ankle issues, inversion tables help those joints too!

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Benefits of Inversion Tables for Lower Back

Inversion therapy is a non-surgical and gentle way to treat lower back pain. It takes pressure off the weight-bearing joints and lets them rest and recuperate.

Restores the spine back into proper alignment
Relaxes tensed muscles
Strengthens discs
Reduces chronic lower back pain

How to Use Inversion Table – Important Recommendations

Most patients should try the inversion therapy for 10 minutes daily for at least two weeks. Don’t go over 45 degrees below horizontal. You will feel the effect of the therapy in 20 to 30 degrees of recline.

IMPORTANT: Never try a full inversion. It may be counterproductive. It may add trauma to an already torn disc. Use inversion tables properly to avoid injuries and relieve back pain.

Who Should Not Use Inversion Tables?

Inversion tables are not for everyone. People with lumbar instability or spinal fracture should avoid it. Inversion tables are best for treating low back pain only, not for neck or upper back pain.

Moreover, people with high blood pressure, inguinal hernia, heart diseases, and osteoporosis, hip and knee conditions should avoid it. Pregnant ladies and people with glaucoma, retinal detachment, ear infection and pink eye should also avoid inversion therapy.

Advisably, speak to your chiropractic physician before trying inversion an  table to know if it’s the right treatment for you. 

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