How Flip Flops Wreak Havoc On Your Back

                 How Flip-Flops Wreak Havoc On Your Back



As you head into summer, you probably have a pair of flip-flops you’re planning to wear to the pool, on vacation, to the mall, or just out and about. While a lot of people consider flip-flops to be the shoes of the season, you actually increase your risk of lower back pain, strains, and other injuries by wearing this footwear. Here’s how:

Flip-flops offer no support. Poor construction with no cushioning and the lack of an arch, impact how you would naturally walk. Since the heels of your feet are no longer able to absorb the bulk of pressure, your pelvis starts to shift, leading to tension in the lower spine.

Flip-flops make you more prone to slips and falls. Given that these shoes do not provide adequate support for extensive walking, accidents, unfortunately, do happen. Slower strides have a ripple effect, and not in a good way. Specifically, falls can contribute to all sorts of mishaps such as strained muscles, torn ligaments and excruciating lower and upper back pain.

Flip-flops cause lower back misalignment and imbalances. Typically, shoe arches help keep the knees, hips and back in alignment. However, this is all thrown off when wearing flat pieces of rubber foam. Poor posture, pinched nerves, and pain are the end result.

While flip-flops may be convenient and comfortable, they are not the best for your body. So before slipping a pair on, consider the potential problems down the road.

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Wishing you a productive and pain-free summer!


Dr. Daniel Pozarnsky 



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