Foot Orthodics Decrease Back Pain

​Do you know half of the back problems, including back pain, root from the feet?

The movement of leg, ankle and foot is intricately connected to the development of pain in back and foot. Regular exercise and a healthy lifestyle prevent the pain, but custom foot orthotics really are worth the investment.


Understanding the Cause of Foot and Back PaiN

Our feet handle our overall body weight as we walk and run our daily errands. Problems arise when feet fail to absorb the shock or handle the body weight. This often happens with people who have Flat Feet in which the arch under the foot flattens and touches the ground. 

[Flat Foot]

The next cause of foot and back pain is over-pronation. Pronation is necessary for dynamic movement of our feet and ankle. It reduces impacts on our body while walking and running. However, hyper- or over-pronation causes the problem.


In people with pronated or flat feet and ankles, the bearing of body weight shifts outside the foot, which causes the pain in the foot and back.

How Custom Foot Orthotics Help?

Foot orthotics improve and stabilize the position of the feet, which in turn prevents back pain. Prescription foot orthotics feature a rear foot post that is usually customized as the unique needs of the wearer. It keeps or shifts ankles back to their correct position. This shift, in turn, reduces the pronation of the ankle and abnormal placement of the knees and hips, thereby stabilizing the pelvis. Prefabricated foot orthotics don’t have this component.

A custom orthotic aligns the foot and ankle into the most efficient position. They look like insoles, but are biomechanical medical devices customized according to the precise imprints of your feet and correct your specific foot imbalance.

Custom foot orthotics reduce strains on your body. They redirect and reduce certain motions and bring your foot back into the right alignment. Custom orthotic fits well into your footwear like an insole. 


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