Chiropractic Care for Newborn Babies

Chiropractic Care for Newborn Babies

Medical researches have proven time and again that chiropractic care is beneficial for your overall health, and while many adults have experienced these health benefits, it is interesting to know that newborn babies too can benefit significantly from chiropractic healing. Children and babies also show pain in different ways babies become colicky and their back and neck become sore from laying on their back for long periods or they may have muscle imbalance from there position in the womb for 9 months.

Statistics show that children fall 50 – 100 times per day. Imagine what would happen to you if you fell that many times?

You would be in to see me much more often!

The digestive system and lungs of a newborn are the last systems to develop. Chiropractic care helps the myoneural connections from the brain to the organ system. Lungs and the digestive system is where 70% of the immune system resides. Chiropractic allows these systems to talk to each other again to optimize function.

Here are 5 reasons why your child needs chiropractic care:

  1. Tackles sleep issues

    If your baby is not able to sleep properly, there could be an underlying cause suggesting that your baby is in pain. And chiropractic care for babies will help you to identify the root cause, and ultimately the required solution that your child needs to sleep peacefully at night. Kids become agitated and don’t listen or sleep when they are in subacute pain chronic pain. Not just that, parents also start to develop neck and shoulder issues after their baby reaches 20lbs, and their nervous systems may be stressed from lack of sleep.

  2. Relieves Colic Pain

    Chiropractic treatment is gentle, painless and safe for your little bundle of joy. Moreover, a chiropractic adjustment does not temporarily mask the symptoms of pain, it addresses the issue at a deeper level to heal your child from within. So, if your kid is crying relentlessly due to colic pain, it’s time for you to schedule an appointment.

    For colicky babies, we also recommend baby probiotics that help optimize the digestive system and inoculate the gut with good bacteria that your baby needs to digest and absorb foods completely.

  3. Recovery after birth

    Childbirth is not only painful for the mother but for the baby as well! And this aspect often gets overlooked. Gentle adjustments to your child’s body will help to ease tension and significant nerve problems that may arise due to C-section or natural childbirth. A chiropractor is trained to align the spine, and babies who’re well-aligned stay healthy and happy!

  4. Breastfeeding Issues

    Mamas, are you facing complications and hindrances while breastfeeding your child? Did you know that many childhood disorders are linked with undetected biomedical complications within the body. Chiropractic care helps with function and mobility, which can affect the movement of the neck, jaw, and shoulder to help babies latch and feed better.

  5. Constipation

    A constipated baby is a fussy baby, and at times, it becomes very difficult to tell if your baby is constipated. Constipation in kids, just like adults can be linked to a spine misalignment, which affects the functioning of the nervous system ultimately impacting the digestive system. Studies reflect that chiropractic care helps improve the nervous system, thus at best, it can help improve constipation symptoms in your child.

While it can be hard to tell when babies are not feeling great or what’s bothering them. It does, however, make sense to understand the root cause of the issue. A gentle adjustment is what your baby might just need! So don’t deprive your kid of the several benefits of chiropractic care, instead help bring back the balance that they need and deserve!

Caring for your child during COVID-19 Outbreak

There has been substantial evidence telling us that children do not appear to be at high risk for COVID-19 as compared to adults. Having said that, it’s essential for everyone in the family to take proper precautions and help stop the spread of the Coronavirus:

  • Wash hands often using soap and water or alcohol-based sanitizer
  • Limit time with other children and avoid people who’re sick
  • Keep a check on your child’s health and maintain a healthy diet
  • Help your child to stay active and try to make learning fun for them
  • Enable virtual playdates for your kids to interact with their friends
  • Disinfect high-touch surfaces daily
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