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Dr. Dans Health & Business Power Hour Ep.1

01 EPISODE Introduction Dr. Dan’s Health and Business Power Hour is for YOU the people, our community, and small to large Businesses to learn tips and tricks from local business owners to Global leaders in health, marketing, and business. Our mission is to help you optimize your health, wealth, and overall prosperity Dr. Dans Business […]

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Chiropractic Care for New Born Babies

Why Chiropractic Care is essential for newborn babies? Medical researches have proven time and again that chiropractic care is beneficial for your overall health, and while many adults have experienced these health benefits, it is interesting to know that newborn babies too can benefit significantly from chiropractic healing. Children and babies also show pain in […]

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How Custom Foot Orthotics Decrease Foot And Back Pain?

Balance Chiropractic, Fargo, ND, Chiropractor Chiropractic Treatment Long workdays, stress, poor posture, poor sleeping habits, STRESS! These are only a few of the reasons people are living in chronic pain or maybe with “their normal pain”. Guess what? Pain isn’t normal. Pain is the way the body is trying to tell you something wrong. It’s […]

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Is Your Garden Ready For Harvest? Here Are 5 Great Ways To Prevent Back Pain & Injuries While Gardening

Gardening is the purest of human pleasures! Many of you will step into your gardens for digging, sowing, growing and nurturing for your garden and yourself. Gardening is one of the best physical activities, which can bring amazing physical and mental health benefits. Gardening shouldn’t leave you in pain. Thankfully, preventing back injuries during gardening […]

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